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Germany is a European leader in hydrogen technology!

Clean Logistics presents the first hydrogen truck which is legal on the streets.

The original idea basically developed out of the market. Since logistics entrepreneur Dirk Graszt was increasingly approached about environmentally friendly transport in 2017 and truck manufacturers saw more problems than benefits, Graszt took matters into his own hands. In a roundabout way, a cooperation with the Hamburg-based company Becker Marine Systems was formed, and after the specific idea was formulated, the development followed. However, this did not happen without certain obstacles that had to be overcome. In addition to technical difficulties, the authority's requirements, such as the maximum length of a truck, had to be taken into account and solved. However, on the 23rd of June 2022 the time had finally come, and Dirk Graszt together with Dirk Lehmann were able to present their first hydrogen-powered zero-emission truck at the Stade Airport. For Lehmann it was particularly important to emphasise that although the concept comes from his own company, the fuel cell itself comes from China. This is only one example of why Germany might be a 'global player' by european standards, however, is only a mediocre partitioner in international comparison. In addition to hundreds of visitors, many guests, most of them connected with the realisation, visited the event. Among others, Prof. Dr. Klaus Bonhoff, the head of department of the BMDV, Ove Petersen GF GP of JOULE GmbH, Alina Hain the COO of NOW and the vice-president of DWV Silke Frank held speeches. Moreover, the Ministers of Lower Saxony, Olaf Lies for Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection and Thomas Hilbers for Finance, took the opportunity to send a video message in which they referred to the great importance of the newly developed truck for Lower Saxony, but also for the whole world. Around noon, the new, unique, zero-emission truck was presented to the public and has since borne the promising name ‘fyuriant’. The successful day was hosted by the well-known Formula 1 presenter and reporter, Kai Ebel, and concluded with three ‘short-track races’.

Insbesondere für Dirk Lehmann war es wichtig zu betonen, dass das Konzept zwar aus dem eigenen Hause kommt, die Brennstoffzelle bspw. aber aus China. Nicht nur deshalb ist Deutschland zwar in Europa einer der Global Player, im internationalen Vergleich jedoch nur Mittelmaß.

Neben hunderten von Besuchern waren viele, zumeist mit der Realisierung verbundene, Gäste auf der Veranstaltung. Unter anderem sprachen Prof. Dr. Klaus Bonhoff (Abteilungsleiter BMDV), Ove Petersen (GF GP JOULE GmbH), Alina Hain (COO NOW), Silke Frank (Vizepräsidentin DWV) u.v.m. Die niedersächsischen Minister Olaf Lies (Umwelt, Energie, Bauen und Klimaschutz) sowie Thomas Hilbers (Finanzen) ließen es sich nicht nehmen und haben eine Videobotschaft gesendet. Wobei jeder von ihnen auf die große Bedeutung für Niedersachsen, aber auch für die ganze Welt, des neuen Trucks eingegangen ist.

Bei Sonnenschein wurde um die Mittagszeit der neue, einzigartige, zero-emission Truck der Öffentlichkeit präsentiert und träg seit dem den vielversprechenden Namen: fyuriant

Der bis dahin schon gelungene Tag wurde dann, moderiert durch den bekannten Formel 1 Moderator und Reporter, Kai Ebel, mit drei short track races abgerundet.