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The Hydrogen and Fuel Cell round table, or short, H2-round table, has been hosting various guests since 2004 in Hamburg. It has since developed into a meeting place for the hydrogen network in the north of Germany. Up to 60 participants from the fields of science, business and administration regularly use the H2-round tables to get together, connect and exchange thoughts and ideas.

24th Round Table
In 2009, the community met on the fuel-cell-powered passenger ship ‘FCS Alsterwasser’.
40th Round Table
Jubilee of the round table! Sponsor: Bilander Group
45th Round Table
Held for the first time in the WÄLDERHAUS in Hamburg/Wilhelmsburg
46th Round Table
Hydrogen and fuel cells on stock markets for the first time: a new megatrend? Sven Jösting reported.
47th Round Table
Hydrogen from Westfalen’s (plc.) point of view for industry, mobility and the future.
49th Round Table
Sponsor H-Tec Systems
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Voraussichtlich Anfang Dezember 2022

Voraussichtlich Anfang Dezember 2022
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