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Hydrogen deal with Canada

Canada will transport green hydrogen to Germany for the first time

With the goal of a climate-neutral orientation of the economy in the future, a hydrogen agreement was signed in the presence of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on 23rd August 2022 in Newfoundland by German Economics Minister Robert Habeck and Canadian Energy Minister Jonathan Wilkinson. It states that Canada will transport large quantities of hydrogen produced in a wind farm in Newfoundland to Germany starting in 2025, while Germany will help Canada with the necessary technology in return.

This agreement constitutes a significant milestone for the hydrogen industry, nevertheless hard work still needs to be done to optimize the necessary technologies in terms of production and supply chain so that the hydrogen can be successfully delivered to Germany in 2025. Scholz has stated that "[...] We know that this requires high-tech and if we want to achieve it, we have to offer globally competitive products and services, but at the same time operate in a CO2-neutral way. This is a very special task that requires the highest level of expertise. But we believe that – […] - we will be able to do just that."

Canada's prime minister additionally emphasized the importance of renewable energies such as hydrogen, which have become "more important than ever - because of climate change, but also because of Russia's war against Ukraine." Furthermore, Habeck described this agreement as a major success: "Green hydrogen is an important key to a climate-neutral economy. We must resolutely drive forward climate protection to secure prosperity and freedom. This is more important and urgent than ever these days."