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Fuel Cells now with Iron Catalyst?

In a price comparison, it would be the significantly cheaper alternative to conventional platinum catalysts!

For many years, scientists at the University of Buffalo, USA, have been researching the development of iron catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells. The reason for this is the enormous price advantage it could bring, since previous cells are manufactured with the rarer and therefore more expensive precious metals of the platinum group metals. Provided that the instability and rapid corrosion could be brought under control, as well as the power output significantly increased, iron would thus have a great advantage. This is exactly where the scientists came in and developed a catalyst made out of iron, nitrogen and carbon. In terms of electrical current density, the new catalyst allegedly exceeds the targets set by the Department of Energy (DOE) for 2025. Only the durability has not yet been achieved at the same level as that of platinum-based metals, which is why further research is now being carried out on this exact point. Should this succeed, the future success of the iron-based hydrogen and fuel cell can no longer be taken away, as the areas of application would expand through many sectors. Not only lorries and ships, but also cars, notebooks and other could be produced and used with a hydrogen and fuel cell in a cost-effective and thus marketable way.

Angeblich übertrifft der neue Katalysator die Zielvorgaben, der elektrischen Stromdichte, des Departement of Energy (DOE) die für 2025 vorgegeben wurden. Allein bei der Haltbarkeit, wie bei den platinbasierten Metallen, konnte bisher noch nicht erreicht werden. Und genau an diesem Punkt wird weiter geforscht. Sollte dies gelingen ist der eisenbasierten Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzelle der zukünftige Erfolg nicht mehr zu nehmen, da sich die Anwendungsgebiete um ein Vielfaches erweitern würden. Nicht nur LKWs und Schiffe, vielmehr auch PKWs, Notebooks etc. könnten dann mit einer Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzelle kostengünstig und damit marktfähig hergestellt und eingesetzt werden.